Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl Madness

So, all hyped up? Not me!

Yes, it's the Super Bowl and all, but I'm just not too excited about it. I was trying to latch onto all the stories that came out in the media for the last couple of weeks, but, nothing. I guess if I have to dig real hard, I am very impressed by Larry Fitzgerald. He seems to be a throwback, a player's player, as they say. He seems to have the team's best interest in mind, even claiming that he is willing to change his contract if that means the Cardinals can keep free agent-to-be WR Anquan Boldin. The cynic in me says: OK, thanks Larry, even though the Cardinals don't need that offer from you, since they will be $40 million under the cap next year! But, I think his offer is genuine, which is refreshing in a me-first sports culture these days (which is why College sports is WAY better than the professional type).

So, I guess that kind of drew me in, but not too much to get me excited about the game itself.

I don't really understand the notion that I HAVE to root for a team. I cannot root for either team, for understandable reasons (which I listed in an earlier post below). I am going to watch the game, not really caring who ends up winning. That's just how I feel right now. Maybe closer to the game, or during the game, something happens and I start to pull for one team, like a dirty hit or some egregious officiating (*ahem* I'm looking at you SB XL). But, right now, nothing!

Anyway, the game is on Sunday at 3:28pm PST (why :28 beats the hell out of me!). NBC's coverage starts, well, now, I guess!


And Go Seahawks!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Paul Krugman

I had the privilege of going to a Q&A session with Paul Krugman who is a well known economist, s Nobel laureate and a syndicated columnist for the New York Times. Ten years ago he wrote a book called Depression Economics, that he has since updated and republished, predicting the current financial mess that we're in.

It was an informative session, with good questions being asked, and some good insight given throughout. The main thing that he was advocating was to increase the stimulus that the Obama administration is pushing through Congress, to at least 1.2 trillion dollars, claiming that what is needed is a full out remedy to fix these issues with the economy, rather than a half-hearted one. He said he's not "panicky" but is rather "uneasy."

I'm not sure if I agree with that. If anything, I am all for having the "free market" run its course, and have bad assets liquidated, which would give an opportunity to new entrepreneurs to come in and take a look at the market and perhaps eventually build new companies from those opportunities. Professor Krugman didn't agree with that, though. Spending is the way out of this mess, he says, and if there is no private spending, then the government should do that.

Professor Krugman was entertaining though. He had a couple of nice stories and some quips. Good wit, and very engaging. A nice close to the Q&A was a member of the audience asking him where his money is these days, and he answered "lots of cash," which was met with some laughter. But then the audience member came back and asked, "what currency?" And that brought the house down!

Like I said, interesting dialogue, and a very good event.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is upon us.

The two teams to meet in SB XLIII are the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers. I can absolutely say: meh.

I cannot root for either team. The Steelers stole away the Lombardi Trophy from my beloved Seahawks in SB XL, with the help of the NFL and the referees.

The Arizona Cardinals are division rivals. I cannot even imagine rooting for them. When the Yankees fans start rooting for the Red Sox, because, you know, they are in the same division, then I’ll start rooting for the Cardinals.

I’ll be watching, it is the Super Bowl, after all. Hope the ads are entertaining!

Jon Stewart