Friday, September 19, 2008

New MS Ads!

Have you seen them?

Let me know what you think!

Stay Tuned!

I went to the Microsoft company meeting yesterday at Safeco Field and they talked about innovation and demoed some new features and apps, and let me tell you, two words: STAY TUNED! The things that they featured were very very cool, and very very exciting. I can't wait until they showcase all the cool stuff at PDC in a couple of months, but get ready to be blown away!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not too creative today!

I'm not feeling too creative today, which is why I haven't posted anything yet! I think I'm rather bored. I do have a couple of short story ideas that I'm playing with in my head that I might end up posting on this blog sometime in the very near future. This is something that I would love to do, given the chance, to write stories, probably mostly short stories. The thing is, I can't see myself writing them all in one genre. I think they would span multiple genres, from Scifi to romance to mystery, and so on. I hope that works! I hope I get the inspiration to start that!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain, a serial liar

A very good article about McCain and his lies about Obama. I think that he repeated them too many times, that he now actually believes them.

Also, a very nice article from Thomas L. Friedman, with whom I don't always see eye to eye!

Yes, indeed, SNL did not disappoint!

That Palin and Hilary skit on Saturday Night Live was amazing! Very funny, and very on point, and very scary how much Tina Fey nailed her impersonation of Palin! From the hair to the glasses to the suit to the mannerisms, and most frightening of all, the voice! I hope Tina comes back and does more. She was, I'm sure, the second happiest person in the world, after Palin herself, when McCain asked her to join his ticket! Anyway, I would give the skit 10 out of 10, and would recommend watching it on YouTube if you haven't already. I haven't seen any clips there straight from YouTube, probably because of copyrights, but there are quite a few that are from a Fox News review of the SNL skit. I will not be linking to any of those videos, since I do not link to Fox News, anything.


I can't wait to go home and watch the opening sketch from Saturday Night Live! Everybody is talking about it, and it's on the web everywhere, but I want to watch it when I'm home with my wife! I'll probably write a thing or two about it tomorrow.

Quick thought about Obama

I believe that when he restarts his campaign and responds to all those shameful lies being thrown at him from the McCain/Palin campaign, it's going to be a thing of beauty.

Sports over the weekend? Meh

There were some sporting events that I was looking forward to! College Football and NFL games on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, the University of Washington Huskies were playing against the No.3 team in the country, the Oklahoma Sooners. I knew it wasn't going to be pretty, but it was downright ugly. I have no idea why I follow Husky sports, I'm not an alumnus or anything, but I guess they're the local college team and it would be cool to see them do well. Saturday, they didn't do well. They did awful.

But, on Sunday, my beloved Seahawks were playing. And they were going to take down a lower quality division opponent in the San Francisco 49ers. Or at least that's what i was hoping for. When the score became 14-0 in the first quarter, I thought it was going to be a GREAT game! But.. to make a long story short, the 'Hawks lost in overtime, 33-30. I know there are a lot of injuries to the receivers, and we had another one yesterday on the first couple of plays in the game, but that's not an excuse. I would have to say that all aspects of the 'Hawks played well, except the secondary. The cornerbacks and safeties were GAWDAWFUL. I'm not going to get into it now, but the season is looking to be slipping away from us, which would complete the cycle of misery for sports fans up here in Western Washington.

Also, a quick thing about my wife!

I hope she doesn't divorce me because of this, but, I wanted to add new entries to the blog over the weekend, but here's the thing. My wife has the fastest laptop closing hands in the west! I swear that sometimes I wonder if she will close the laptop on her own fingers one day, because of how fast she goes from typing something to just closing the laptop. It must be something between .01 seconds (the margin Phelps won one of his gold medals) and .03 seconds (the margin Bolt broke the 100m sprint world record). So, in a nutshell, my wife would be using the laptop, and I would wait until she's done so I can use it, and all of a sudden, WHAM, the laptop's closed, and I then lack the will power to turn on the laptop again and do whatever it is that I wanted to do.

Did I mention that I love my wife?

From the department of the glaringly obvious

This is going to be one of the most polarizing elections in years, if not ever. Both candidates (or tickets, I should say) have some pretty hardcore followers that speak the message of their candidates as gospel. Very frightening, if you ask me.

One more thing about the Seahawks

Will the media please, PLEASE, stop calling Floyd Womack "Pork Chop?" It was cute for the first couple of years, but it has become very silly since. You don't have to say Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack every-friggin-time!


RE: The 7th anniversary of 9/11. On the one hand, it's hard to believe that 7 years have passed since that day, I remember the events as if they happened yesterday. On the other hand, 7 years have passed since that day and the world has only gotten worse. Seeing the closeness and comradarie of people and nations on that day and the days that followed, I had a feeling that the whole world will unite and it would be a safer place for all of us. But, then again, I'm not a politician or a military person, and I did not see the same thing that those people saw. That 9/11 was an amazing opportunity to drive personal and political agendas and create this culture of fear and war and oh-so-misguided-and-misplaced-even-if-sincere patriotism. More and more people are coming out of that fog and that funk and realizing what happened was the absolute wrong chain of events. I just hope this bodes well for all of us in this very important year, a year of and for CHANGE.

Seahawks week 1 review

After week 1, they SUCK! Yes, those are capital S capital U capital C and capital K. Anyone who watched the game who wasn't a Buffalo Bills fan, was completely and utterly depressed after it. We wait for Football for 7 months, and that's what we get? My son, who's 1 year old, and this would be his first Football season where he could comprehend a thing or two, looked at me with a very quizzical look on his face after some of Holmgren's calls. Especially, ESPECIALLY, the draw play to the FB Weaver on a 3rd and something ridiculous! Yes, if you didn't see the game, then the look on my son's face is that same look that you have right now! A draw play.. to the Fullback.. on a 3rd and beyond long! Anyway, to be quite honest, I was very disgusted, I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit during and after the game, but I got over it. Why so quickly?

Well, first of all, I'm a sports fan in the Pacific Northwest. If you haven' heard (and I don't blame you if you haven't, because believe it or not the Pacific Northwest is indeed part of the United States, and it's part of the contiguous United States) sports up here seem to be our emotional and psychological black hole. It sucks in everything and leaves nothing but darkness, which is how our souls feel after considering any of the sporting teams that are associated with this part of the country. The Mariners are so far at the bottom of the Al West that the next worst team in that division can't even see them in their rearview mirror. And they have not been to the post season since God knows how long (I'm sure someone else other than God knows how long, it just seems like an eternity). The beloved SuperSonics are gone. Snatched from amongst us by the wickedest of methods (something that I might visit in the future, I still have a lot of steam to blow off regarding that whole debacle). Even the Huskies and the Cougars football teams are the worst in their division and expected to finish dead last and next to dead last. I would like to include sports teams from Oregon in this discussion, but I just can't get myself to acknowledge them! Point is, we're some of the best adjusted fans in all of sports because of the heartache upon heartache our teams have given us.

Second, I am giving the Seahawks a mulligan for the first 3 games and up to the bye week. Their top 4 wide receivers are hurt (2 lost for the season, the other 2 are expected somewhere around the bye week). They also play the 49ers and the Rams @ home, so that makes the schedule very favorable. They can still get to the bye week with a 2-1 record and get their top 2 receivers back. Maybe by that time the OL will have gelled together nicely and a running game will have started to emerge from the ashes of the past 2 years. Maybe Hasselbeck and the new receivers will have adjusted to each other and displayed a semblance of a passing game. Maybe rookie Tight End Carlson will show that he really is worth the draft day maneuvering to get him. Maybe. That little word is what keeps us sports fan tuned in, week in and week out.

With all that being said, I still can't understand all the recent moves the Front Office made the past couple of days:
- Released Jordan Kent: Even though we do need more, not less wide receivers, I can understand this move because he still needs some experience and he can't be relied on to be the team's 3rd or 4th best option. In any case, he cleared waivers and was signed to the Practice Squad.
- Release Justin Forsett: HUH???!!! Why? He is a rookie, and a little bit undersized, but he has potential and plenty of it. Everybody knew that he was not going to clear waivers, no way. So what happened? The Colts picked him up. I hope he's not the next Westbrook or something like that. Besides, why do we still have 2 kickers on the roster?
- Keeping 2 kickers on the roster: I can understand that if one is so outstanding at kickoffs, and that's all he does, and the other is so outstanding at field goals and so accurate that you have to keep them both. But that's not the case. Coutu wasn't even active last week. Don't you think that if he were release, nobody would've picked him up and he could've been placed on the Practice Squad, and thus saving a spot for Forsett? Makes no sense to me that the FO would rather keep a 2nd kicker who does not even get activated on game day rather than a running back with a lot of potential and great hands coming out of the backfield. That's the major head scratcher.
- Signing 2 new wide receivers, McMullen and Parker: Ok, we need wide receivers, but, um, who?! I think that the Front Office need to swallow a big gulp of their pride and take a look at Koren Robinson. Why not? He already knows the offense, he's rehabilitated, and besides, it's a win on all sides situation for the organization in showing that they give players a second chance and he's someone who the fans would feel good about because there would be an elevated sense of relief and familiarity. Judging from last season, Robinson still has that explosiveness in him and I think that getting him back in Seattle would encourage him to prove to everybody including himself that he still can play, and that people's faith in him is well placed. And if he does anything stupid, the organization will show him the door as fast as humanly possible and they can say "hey, at least we tried!"

I'll be watching the games on Sunday. Oh you know I will. I'm a fan, and that's what fans do. They stand behind their teams. Or it's just out of morbid curiosity! And if they are down big near the end of the game, I'll be turning off the TV, sulking for a bit, and then picking myself up and rejoining the normal universe. How come so quickly? Well, I'm a Pacific Northwest sports fan!