Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yes, indeed, SNL did not disappoint!

That Palin and Hilary skit on Saturday Night Live was amazing! Very funny, and very on point, and very scary how much Tina Fey nailed her impersonation of Palin! From the hair to the glasses to the suit to the mannerisms, and most frightening of all, the voice! I hope Tina comes back and does more. She was, I'm sure, the second happiest person in the world, after Palin herself, when McCain asked her to join his ticket! Anyway, I would give the skit 10 out of 10, and would recommend watching it on YouTube if you haven't already. I haven't seen any clips there straight from YouTube, probably because of copyrights, but there are quite a few that are from a Fox News review of the SNL skit. I will not be linking to any of those videos, since I do not link to Fox News, anything.

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David said...

Indeed Khalil, It Was Hilarious and viciously awesome skit!