Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday's Random Thoughts

* I'm so happy that today is Friday.

* It's only 11:05 AM and I'm already starting to get hungry. Not sure what I will have for lunch today. I think I'd like to go out somewhere.

* Our family is jinxed! For the past 2 months we've been going from one doctor to another, and from one hospital to another. The latest thing is that my wife broke the big toe on her right foot. Seriously! Does anyone know of a good witch doctor or shaman they can recommend? We might need an old priest and a young priest!

* How jinxed do we believe are we? To the point that we removed most of our pictures from Facebook in an effort to ward off the envious eye! True story! We have started sending emails to family with pictures, rather than post them on the Internet!

* I'm getting more and more hungry.

* I'm listening to Vivaldi violin concerto 'l'estro armonico' No. 6. Good stuff!

A couple of sports related quick thoughts:

* I really do hope the Seahawks can win in Tampa on Sunday night. It would be embarrassing if not because they are playing in front of a national audience (Sunday Night Football), and they already are a measly 1-4. The thing is, I don't see them winning!

* I really do hope the Mariners pick a solid GM, one that can get into contention sooner rather than later.

* I was very happy to hear that one of the new Oklahoma City NBA team owners, Aubrey McClendon (a real schmuck) lost most of his fortune because of this economy!

Update at 4:04 PM: It gets even better about this McClendon guy! Karma is a "female dog!"

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