Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain: Shameless. Palin: Classless

This is beyond belief.,0,7557571.story

Apparently, at a McCain rally in New Mexico, someone from the crowd shouted, referring to Obama, "he's a terrorist," and McCain didn't flinch. On the same day, at a Palin rally in Florida, someone shouted from the crowd, again referring to Obama, "kill him." Again, Palin didn't flinch. The whole McCain campaign didn't flinch. Then again, the whole Republican Party didn't flinch.

It is despicable. Not only that McCain and Palin supporters actually do think those thoughts and are not ashamed to share them out loud, but those thoughts were aided by the McCain/Palin campaign and their personal, nonsensical attacks on Obama. Who else, other than McCain and Palin in their speeches referred to Obama as "palling around with terrorists" and as "not one of us?"

And nobody apologized. Nobody, from the candidates themselves to campaign aides and PR folks, admonished those ralliers who yelled those vile and hate-filled shouts. Why would they? They stoked that fervor. They flamed those fires.

What happened to McCain promising to run a clean campaign based on issues and not character? I guess that's one more "mavericky" thing that McCain did not follow up on. How many people are disenchanted with McCain? Forget Palin. She's a nutjob, who I would hope would crawl back into Alaska after they lose the elections in November, never to be heard from again (unless after getting arrested because some scandal or something like that). But McCain?

I have to admit that I liked that guy. Liked. I was literally on the fence before the VP announcements. I leaned more towards Obama after the Biden pick, which was brilliant. He gave Obama the kind of boost of reassurance I was looking for. And then McCain picked Palin, and when I read all the things about her and heard her speak at the RNC and the later interviews, I lost all faith in McCain. He sold his soul to the devil (aka Rove) to get to the White House.

What a shame. How the heroes have fallen.


CRK said...

Apparently he's read your blog :)

K said...

I'm just glad I had a little thing to do with the public dicourse of American politics and history :)

nkp said...

I couldn't agree with you more!