Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Rare View of the US Space Shuttle Docked to the ISS

This view of the US Space Shuttle Endeavour (or any US Space Shuttle, for that matter) was taken by Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli as he left the International Space Station (ISS) in May in a Soyuz capsule to return to Earth.

What's rare about this view is that according to security protocol and procedures, the Soyuz capsule may not be in transit when the shuttle is present.

What makes the picture even more meaningful is that this was taken during the last mission for the shuttle Endeavour and the second to last shuttle mission ever. All the shuttles are being retired and only the shuttle Atlantis will fly once more, on its last mission as well.

The shuttle Endeavour returned to Earth on June and is being prepared to be sent to be seen in publicly display at a science museum in California.


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