Friday, October 03, 2008

The VP Debate

Did you watch it last night?

I do have to say I was a little bit disappointed that Palin didn't crash and burn! She did OK, considering her recent TV interviews. However, the debate showed that she is very new to this kind of stage, and that she's still not ready for the White House,

Sen. Joe Biden came off as a polished, veteran politician, not afraid to reach across party lines or to make hard decisions, and that he's well connected. He knows people, which is important in getting things done.

Palin cam off as a newbie. She wanted to appeal to Main Street America, and she started things off by asking if she can call Senator Biden "Joe," which, to me, sounded too rehearsed. But, the idea was that she wanted to show the voters that she's one of them. That she's an "Aw, shucks" kind of gal. That might be cute when running for mayor of a small town or even the Governor of Alaska, but not in a Vice Presidential debate.

And the winking! What's up with that? Did anybody notice it? She kept winking to the camera when she thought she was making GREAT points! That irritated me! All I kept thinking was, when she's meeting with heads of state, is she going to be winking like that too? When she meets King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, is she going to be winking at him like that too? Let's keep the winking, during a national Vice Presidential debate, to a minimum, shall we?

Sen. Biden had a plan, to pin McCain to Bush. Which is true in so many ways. He kept to the plan. Even later, when Palin said that he was too focused on the past (which is a dumb thing to say, since the past consists of too many mistakes made by her own party's government that all ensuing governments should learn from), he stuck to the point, and made sure to leave an impression with the voters that McCain equals Bush. I think he succeeded.

At least now we know that Palin can actually make a coherent sentence or two. But it's still not good enough.

Sen. Biden won last night. Hands down.

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Anonymous said...

ok, I did not agree with you in the last 2 blogs but we finally have something in bet'cha ;)

2 disenfranchised groups last night...Homosexuals and Arabs...I was disappointed in both...The less of 2 evils is Biden and that is who came out as the winner.