Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad Driver Story

So I was driving, minding my own business the other day on a four way freeway (two lanes each way). I was in the left lane, and traffic was backed up, so we were moving at a really slow pace. A car in front of me but in the right lane looked like they wanted to merge to the left, and made a move that almost caused an accident with the car in front of me directly. Then the driver, who was a woman, and this by no means is a representation of how I view women drivers, so don't butcher me on this, she went back to her lane and then gave a turn signal. So I slowed down and let her through. Once she was in the lane, she didn't acknowledge me or thank for stopping and letting her in. When we got to the traffic light ahead, we stopped next to each other and I looked at her and she gave me the meanest look as if I was the one who did anything wrong. Mind you, I surely did not give her a mean look at all. Worse, she was on the phone. Worst, she had two kids in the back while she was driving and talking on the phone. So:

1- Very rude
2- Very dangerous
3- And illegal

Whoever that lady is, hope you have a great time passing through this life as you. Oh, and get over yourself.

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