Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama on Leno

He was funny! The interview was ok, though. Did anyone else notice Obama says "look" and "listen" a lot?

So this morning, I hear that Obama apologized to the Special Olympics people because he likened his bowling play to Special Olympics. I say, oh grow up people.

Obama was making a funny statement that everyone laughed at, and he didn't mean any disrespect to anyone. I don;t think he meant anything offensive by that remark. I guess because he's the POTUS he should be more considerate, but he's human and he thinks the same way we all think.

Now I'm not saying that Special Olympics are a bunch of nitwits or half-wits. Not at all, actually, I love the fact that there is a venue, an international venue, to showcase people with all kinds of disabilities show thw world how much they try and put in an effort to compete and showcase their talents and strong wills. Bless their hearts, I feel proud whenever I see people competing in Special Olympics because I know that they are doing for the pure enjoyment of the spirit of the sports and competitiveness. They don't grandstand when they win or pout when they lose. They are what the non-Special Olympics should strive to be.

In any case, I applaud Obama for his apology, although I don't think it was warranted.

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