Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Phillies win game 1

Good to see the Philadelphia Phillies win game 1 of the World Series. Even though the Tampa Bay Rays are the darling story of this season, we in Seattle have a vested interest in the Phillies. See, their GM, Pat Gillick, used to be the M's GM. Jamie Moyer, a beloved pitcher here in Seattle, was driven out of town for being washed up, only to win 16 games for Philadelphia this year, and would be on tap to get a World Series ring if the Phillies win.

The Phillies also have a player named Greg Dobbs who used to be with the Mariners, but was also driven out of town, but has been an important part of the Phillies run this year to the World Series.

So, I would like to see the Phillies win the pennant this year.

Besides, it would be a real shame if Tampa Bay won the World Series before the Mariners, who have 22 years on the Rays!

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